My YouTube Journey

Appearing on camera and talking about Open Source and technical stuff in general wasn't really my first thought!

Early days

When I was around 16 years old I started uploading "gamplay" videos of the browser games I was playing at that time. Free screen recorder and background music.

Game Development

The channel remained silent for roughly 6 years, then Covid hit and like many others I had to find something to do during the forced time at home.

It's December 2020, Italy is once again in full lockdown and I'm learning by myself some bits of Game Development. You know what would be interesting? Recording videos of what I was learning step by step and sharing them on YouTube.

I noticed that in order to prepare a video on a specific topic explaining it, I had to study it even deeper! It was a win-win situation since GameDev was also trending!

I uploaded a dozen videos in two months, then lockdown ended and I suddenly lost the motivation to keep going. What a shame :(

A new, new beginning

In the meantime I changed job and I found a workplace with an amazing open minded culture, where all individuals have time and space to express themselves. This gave me the opportunity to look closer at the Open Source world.

Open Source

What I was doing for Game Development, learning and sharing, I could do with Open Source!

I started to contribute to Open Source projects, share the knowledge I was acquiring on blog posts and those posts automatically became the scripts for YouTube videos. How convenient!

Today in my channel I talk about Open Source, and I mix it with Web Development as I'm currently working as a Frontend developer.

If you're interested, come have a look. You can find me with the name Dev Leonardo.

Thank you for reading these few lines, I hope you enjoyed them and I hope to see you on my channel!