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Open Visual Studio Code from terminal

Ok, it’s not a super secret feature, but I noticed some of my colleagues and friends do not use it at all while I think it’s quite handy, so I’m sharing it here.

You might already know, but you can launch vscode from the terminal by just typing code

code . will Open vscode on the current location, also cool if you’re wandering around your filesystem in the terminal for whatever reason.

It can also accept a parameter that is the path, so with code your/path it will open a vscode instance already pointing to that file or folder. This is particularly handy right after git clone as all you have to do is code repo-name and you’re ready to write some code.

Last but for sure not least, I made a short video as usual about the topic, you can find it here:

Watch the video

So, a question for you, how often do you open vscode from the terminal?

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