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Hacktoberfest 2022 is almost there! Get ready!

September is almost over and Hacktoberfest is to begin soon!

But what is Hacktoberfest? It is not an Anonymous hacking anniversary, but a global event with the main goal to raise awareness about Open Source and encourage as many developers as possible to participate regularly, not just in October.

Hacktoberfest also comes with a challenge and the first 40.000 participants to complete it, will be eligible to decide between two prizes: the official Hacktoberfest 2022 t-shirt, or a tree planted in their name.

Participation is bound to Open Source contributions, and starting from this year not only from code but also all the other ways we know are counting as contributes.

The entire event works thanks to maintainers of projects facilitating all the process and guess what, everyone is a winner!

Less-known projects have the chance of taking the spotlight and finding new contributors, as well as new developers approaching to Open Source have a large amount of repositories ready to welcome and guide them throughout their first steps in Open Source!

Rewards are not only for contributors, but also for maintainers are they’re the ones making this event successful!

You can find in this video here below my take on how to participate and what to take from this year’s edition:

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