How to find a repository for Hacktoberfest 2022

Hacktoberfest will start in a few days, are you ready??

Let me check my gear... git updated to the latest version, RGB ram is shining in my desktop case and I've already signed up on the official website. What else?

Ah right, I'd like to take the chance of getting to know new amazing projects with Hacktoberfest, but how can I find them?

Well, here's a video on this topic!

Basically I'd suggest to navigate to the Hacktoberfest topic on GitHub (and maybe star it) to have a huuuuge list of repos.

Using the search feature for issues using the labels as filters is good, but the advanced search for both issues and repos can be a good idea too!

Those are good tricks to find projects for hacktoberfest, but all the other ways to find new repos remain valid.

I go more in detail on these tips on the video, if you want to have a look ;)