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4 Beginner Friendly Open Source Projects

If you’re familiar with my content, you know I often talk about how to find new Open Source projects and repositories that are waiting our contributions.

However, I get quite often the request of showcasing some projects I know where I’m already a contribtor and if possible, beginner friendly ones.

The projects that came to my mind are:

  • Zod - TypeScript-first schema validation with static type inference
  • LinkFree - A free, open-source alternative to LinkTree
  • date-fns - Modern JavaScript date utility library
  • Visual Studio Code - The famous code editor

LinkFree is plain Javascript while the three others are written in Typescript.

If you’re interested in some of them, in this video I uploaded on YouTube you will find more details. In particular, I will briefly analize:

  • Instructions to get started - Documentation
  • Programming Language
  • Community
  • Extra notes and trivia

Happy Open Source Contributing!

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